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How are you doing today?

I hope you are feeling as good as I am :D After recently being told to 'sort my life out' I reflected and thought 'I've got a girlfriend who loves me, a paying job, studying for a very good degree, a roof over my head and most importantly my friends' Honestly? I couldn't be happier, I am proper loving life at the minute and it seems I have very little to sort out so all is good :D

Woop Wooop!
Dear LJ,

I'm sorry I have been cheating on you these past few months with that whore Facebook; I promise to put more effort into our relationship in future.

P.S. Going to continue cheating though, i like Facebook.

P.P.S. kiss-kiss!



I has it.

Though i'm feeling bizarrely chirpy despite not being able to talk properly. The pressure difference has also fucked with my head and am sat with a tissu jammed lovingly in my left nostril to stop a nosebleed.

I must be a right looker at the moment!


It's 1.30AM. I have work today.
I just got annoyed at petty things I shouldn't and now feel I often overlook what I have.

Am I wasting time?

I think I probably am, I'm going to try and change a little bit, not too much but some. I've become more bitter with life recently and it's not right.

Soccer AM say that Change Is Not Good. they were right, I don't like being bitter and frowny more than I am happy, maybe it's circumstanstial sometimes but i just feel not as much as a kid as I'd like to. I changed to this and i'm gonna change back.


It's officially better than you.


Take THAT everywhere else!


It's weird what you pick up.

I just tiptoed back from the bathroom only to look across from my door and be reminded of last week. The soot around the door frame and the plainly written 'Olly's room' by his finger reminds me that things could've been a lot worse.

It's my first night sleeping back at my parents in 6 weeks at least and the first since the fire. It's odd to think something like that happened less than 20ft away yet you wouldn't know it from my room.

Thing is, I knew he wasn't sleeping in there anymore, yet I still tiptoed.

Old habits die hard.

NB; thanks to those who commented on my last post it was nice to have the support, the fire was found to be started by a four-way mains adapter, one of the things i'm sure you and millions of people might rely on every day. If yours is old, give it a check, you can never be too careful.

I may post a pic of the door soon, it makes quite a good picture suprisingly.

It's Cars Again.

So I was driving back from Hull and just going normally as you do then in my rear view mirror i see a rather impatient guy overtake the car behind. Now it's normal to see the odd impatient drivers on country roads but this one was quite special, as it sped up behind me I saw the distinct jawline that is an Aston-Martin. It was white. And the driver was clearly a dick.

Needless to say being in a 3-ton Land Rover i'd slow down to let him past, right? wrong! I managed to keep him behind me for 15 miles until the road broke into a small dual carriageway in which his V12 9 year old DB7 was able to just fly past. FIFTEEN MILES! all of which he was looking for an opportunity. I stood no chance of racing it on a dual carriageway but i'm glad I can still get away with being immature and playing with supercars.


Adventure To The Top Shelf!

Okay so I was in Big Tesco today (AKA Hull. St. Stephens) shopping for lunch, a present for Spade's mum (as it's her birthday) and some dumbbells.

On my travels I also went to look for cheap soft drinks, ie. on offer Coke or Pepsi but on this aisle also lives the energy drinks section, now i'm a bit of a ponce when it comes to energy drinks, Relentless was the choice for last year but now it just seems a bit shit so i only buy Red Bull which is the most expensive but in my opinion it's worth it.

Now I was suprised today when I saw Kx which is something like 32p a can or somthing retarded like that beaten on price by this drink called Emerge which was 26p and on the top shelf, one above Kx.

Now if we're to go with the traditional shelving order Emerge would be at the bottom with Kx above that, Relntless above Kx and red Bull at the top.

I paid 26p for a 250ml can of Emerge and £1.39 for a 355ml can of Red Bull

Now 2 hours after having Emerge i feel pretty nauseous, needless to say it tasted shit, was full of shit and has now made me feel..like shit. The moral of the story being is that if you're gonna drink this kind of stuff do your insides a favour and spend a little more, at least Red Bull doesn't make you vom by itself.

The Land Rover Family

This is how to tell your Land Rover's apart and what roles they play in the family!

Let's go in Price Order (For new models)

Freelander 2 (From £19,495.00) - Mocked in the past as a 'wet' Land Rover; the Freelander was frowned upon by other LR owners for its inability to cope offroad when compared to other Land Rovers, the Freelander 2, now a few years old looks like a baby Range Rover and can handle itself better than its predecessor the entry level car popular in cities for those wanting a high ride height with some grunt under the bonnet. One could call this the baby Land Rover, that still lives at home but wants to be its own boss - usually driven by schoolmums.

Defender (From £19,740.00) - Renowned for holding their value and being a solid workhorse the Defender, now over 60 years old it carries the same basic ruggedness and shape as it did all those years ago. Mainly used as a commercial vehicle in recent years people have chosen to use the Defender as their family car, with options like 'boost' alloys and seats in the back the Defender has become something of a cult icon like the mini. Acting as the all rounder the Defender is the Land Rover that grew up and moved away from its parents - Now can be seen in the countryside hauling trailers about on farms, in the city fixing power cables or on housing estates where this new breed of Defender owner is. the 'cool dad' figure.

Discovery 4 (From £32,695.00) - From its beginning in 1989 the Discovery has been the all rounder for LR owners. With 7 seats and a high ride height it has grown in popularity and now in its 4th generation. Loaded up with equipment to keep it going offroad the Discovery is a more plus version of the workhorse Defender. Faoured by schoolmums and yours truly the Discovery is very adaptable to what you want it to do, though unfortunately because it's so good at what it does the price reflects what you get. Usually seen being driven by farmer's wives, offroading enthusiasts, schoolmums and lionfoxes, the Discovery is the mother of the Land Rover family, good all round and well loved.

Range Rover Sport (From £45,895.00) - The 'Uncle Nobhead' of the Land Rover Family the sport shows itself off to be..well..a sportier version of the Range Rover. Released only around 5 years ago the Sport shot up in popularity because of it's quickness on the road and how it was still able to hand itself offroad, as demonstrated by Jermemy Clarkson on Top Gear when it went up against a tank. Businessmen flocked to the sport because of how cheap it was compared to thefull fat Range Rover, a nice looker and pleasing to drive you can find Sports usualy parked up 9-5 at big office blocks with important corporate logos everywhere - The flash Uncle that wears his money on show.

and finally!

The Range Rover (STARTING From £66,095.00 - That's a fuckload!) If you see people rolling in one these they've either done very well in life or stolen it. The Range Rover is Land Rover's flagship packed full of gizmos and leather it is extremely luxurious and still able to cope with the rough and tumble that anyone could throw at it. The most expensive one I could find now is at £160,000.00 - To have a Range Rover you need a lot of cash and even more to run it! - The father of the family it carries itself with a grace that only an old gent can have, but jesus is it pricey!

well that was fun! Hope you enjoyed it!

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